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Calle de la Cenia 2 bajo | VALENCIA

La Sènia

Taberna La Sènia

In 2008 La Sènia opened its doors in the historic center of Valencia as a meeting between Tuscan and Valencian traditions, combining recipes and products with its own vision. A healthy cuisine based on local, fresh and seasonal products, in an informal atmosphere, where you can enjoy an experience of proximity and authenticity.

Today we remain committed to a gastronomy committed to our land, with the return to our roots, with flavor and tradition, but above all with the future.

Our Cuisine

The commitment to take care of our environment leads us to use local products from the Valencian orchard, which we buy fresh in the traditional markets of the city. We select quality products that are respectful of our territory, such as pasture-raised veal from Valles de Esla, catalogued with the seal of animal welfare. Our wine list has references of small wineries that produce organic and natural wines. In addition since 2020 we produce some seasonal vegetables in our own garden and produce an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil under the brand LOLIO with which we cook and dress our dishes.


Our concern for quality and good product has led us to produce our own organic EVOO LOLIO, using native Valencian varieties. Following a traditional process of cold pressing and according to the criteria of organic production we obtain a high quality organic extra virgin olive oil.

LOLIO can be tasted in La Sénia and is also available for sale.


Opening Time


from 12 am to 11.30 pm



T. 0034 611497 677


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